Rainbow Island ‎- Road To Mirapuri - Tape


Black Cassette
Cover Printed On Risograph At NERO Headquarter
(Blue / Orange Fluo)
Limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies.

Recorded and Mixed in November 2k13 @ Astroblack Studio by Ucchio Parale
Artwork by Giuditta Matteucci (giudittamatteucci.tumblr.com)

Rainbow Island are:
Lou Q. Damage: Processed Narrative / Whistling / ULTRAMODE ON
PikkioMania: Mono&Poly Synths / Symphony / Euphonia
Simne Donadni: Digital Bongoes / Fleps / Mathemagical Drones
Dj Kimchi: Modular Sgrakkio / Driftin' / Skrotamenti
NO=FI Recordings 2013